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PSU – PAIUnet School Leadership Series

The three courses that comprise the School Leadership Series bring your system leaders together to learn, as a group, about how best to meet these challenges.

(Spring 2016: February 18, March 3, March 17, March 31, April 14, 2016) | The New Fiscal Reality
(Summer 2016: Dates to be announced) | Law and Education
(Fall 2016: Dates to be announced) | Ethics in Educational Leadership
In these courses, you can:

  • earn 90 Act 45 hours
  • engage in discussions with, and learn from, the experiences of other system leaders
  • acquire practical knowledge through job-embedded school district finance-related assignments
    aimed at improving student performance
  • pinpoint inefficiencies, redundancies, waste, and barriers in your district
  • review archived sessions from the convenience of your computer

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