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Positive Public Relations For Schools

As standardized test scores are released to the media in the upcoming weeks, administrators should be prepared to tell your district’s story to parents, community members, and other interested individuals and groups so that they have a clear understanding of not only what the tests mean to your school, but also of the good work that goes on each day to make your school exceptional. When properly presented, information about your school can help build support for your district and for the initiatives that you may wish to carry out.

This webinar will offer tips on how to effectively communicate your district’s story. Ms. Linda Russo, Director of Community and Business Development for TIU11, will present this session. Ms. Russo has 24 years of public relations experience; fourteen years in school public relations. Member districts in IUs 6, 8, 10, and 11 are invited to attend either face-to-face or virtually.


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