Corrections Education

Tuscarora Intermediate Unit is the educational component provider for two of the state’s programs for adjudicated youths: Trough Creek Youth Forestry Camp #3 and South Mountain Secure Treatment Unit.

Timothy J. Miller


South Mountain Secure Treatment Unit

Phone: 717-749-7800 Fax: 717-749-7799

Trough Creek Youth Forestry Camp

Phone: 814-658-4024 Fax: 814-658-4021

Trough Creek Youth Forestry Camp

RD#1 Box 175
James Creek, PA 16657

The mission of Youth Forestry Camp #3 School is to support positive change in delinquent youth behavior through a multi-program approach in an open, safe environment and to provide programs that meet the needs of juvenile offenders, address the issue of victims, and service and protect the community.

Program Overview:

Youth Forestry Camp (YFC) #3 is located in Trough Creek State Park in Huntingdon County, 50 miles south of State College, Pennsylvania. YFC #3 supports positive change in delinquent youth behavior through a multi-program approach in a safe and open environment. Principles of Balanced and Restorative Justice programming is provided for delinquent youth by involving them in Community Service programs that develop competencies, address the needs of victims, and serve and protect the community.

Programming options at YFC#3 include the following:

  • B-Dorm Residential program is approximately six months in duration and offers group therapy, individual counseling, physical exercise and activity, as well as various forums for competency development.
  • First Step is a 12-week program for youth whose delinquent history contains significant substance usage and/or a substance sub-culture-related component. The program combines individual and group behavioral therapy counseling, provides a strict regimen of demanding physical activities, group initiative exercises and wilderness experiences.

Tuscarora Intermediate Unit 11 provides the educational program at YFC #3. Each student is placed in education programming according to his current academic levels and interest. Individual school plans are incorporated into the institutional Master Case, creating an interagency cooperative effort designed to meet all individual youth needs. A work training program is available to youths in the areas of dietary; janitorial, grounds keeping, and general maintenance. A full range of vocational courses are provided for youths. TIU#11/YFC#3 School is nationally accredited by the Corrections Education Association.

South Mountain Secure Treatment Unit

10056 South Mountain Road
PO Box 374
South Mountain, PA 17261

The mission of South Mountain Secure Treatment Unit School is to provide educational opportunities which will enable students to become responsible and productive in a diverse society and will support positive change in delinquent behavior.

South Mountain Secure Treatment Unit is located on the grounds of the South Mountain Restoration Center near Caledonia State Park and Chambersburg. It is a secure treatment program for male juvenile offenders ages 13-20. The offenders have a wide range of behavioral problems, learning disabilities and significant emotional, physical or sexual abuse issues in their background. The program also provides treatment for sex offenders who have engaged indeviant sexual behaviors.

The residents are maintained with a high level of structure, security and supervision which is essential to maintain order and create a climate conducive for treatment and education. An effective behavior management program operates in conjunction with a selective therapeutic approach for each resident. While internalized change is the ultimate goal of any treatment program, SMSTU recognizes that, in the absence of motivation to change, compliance with program norms is essential to maintain order. It prepares the way for internal change in residents.

The Tuscarora Intermediate Unit 11 provides the educational programming for all residents of SMSTU in a non-graded experimental secondary school. Education is accomplished through competency-based individualized instruction with delivery modes and instructional strategies employed. Classes are kept small to maximize student/teacher interaction and to better accommodate various academic levels and learning styles. Each student receives a series of diagnostic tests to determine his abilities, current levels and interest. TIU#11/SMSTU School is nationally accredited by the Correction Education Association.

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