Educational Support Services

Office of Educational Support Services

The Office of Educational Support Services facilitates instructional and support services for students, parents, and employees of Tuscarora Intermediate Unit #11 Service Area. If you need assistance or have questions related to the following services, please use the contact information provided.

Student Services: 
The Office of Educational Support Services coordinates a broad spectrum of supports and services within the school district’s field of operation consisting of:

Non-Public School Services:
Remedial & Enrichment
Equitable Participation
Homeless Services
Student Assistance Programming Services & Compliance
English Language Learners Services & Compliance

Human Resources and Related Services: 
The Office of Educational Support Services carries out responsibilities in coordinating the following areas of system management:
Human Resources Services and ComplianceEmployee Compliance Training (Global Compliance Network)

While not a complete listing, the above provides a framework to gain assistance and understanding of the Office of Educational Support Services. Please contact Dr. Brett Gilliland if you have any questions.

Dr. Brett A. Gilliland

Director for Educational Support Services, Human Resources, & Principal of Nonpublic Schools


Services & Supports​​

The Director for Educational Support Services, HR and Act 89 supervisory staff direct the operation of TIU programs and help to support a variety of non-public school, school and student safety, and Human Resources initiatives in the member school districts.  Direct instructional supervision is also provided to teachers, therapists, psychologists and support staff both in TIU operated programs and contracted services to school districts or nonpublic school programs.

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The Division of Student Services provides for the four counties we service a comprehensive range of programs to both public school districts as well as non-public schools. These programs include classroom based and itinerant instruction as well as alternative education services. We also provide support to our schools in the form of remedial services, behavioral consultation and transition support services. Our itinerant staff currently offers schools education support, speech and language therapy, vision and hearing support,  and psychological services. Professional development is also available to our schools with the help of the Intermediate Unit’s Support Team in conjunction with the Division of Educational Planning.

The Tuscarora Intermediate Unit #11 provides services to students attending nonpublic school as mandated in state and federal regulations, and we currently do so in approximately one-third of the nonpublic schools in Mifflin, Juniata, Huntingdon and Fulton counties.  You can find some details to help you better understand the categories of services that may be available and the scope of each.

Boardworks is a downloadable resource that is straightforward and easy to access for all teachers. The resources aren’t reliant on the internet for usage, and can be edited and personalized to seamlessly integrate with existing lesson plans. Boardworks will provide teachers with access to thousands of high quality, interactive animations and student-led activities to increase student participation and engagement across the school.

The Tuscarora Intermediate Unit #11 Members of the ESL Consortium receive assessment services, technical assistance, staff development, curriculum development, and other ESL services as requested.

Along with the Student Assistance Program (SAP) there are many safety services the IU provides. 

SAP – The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s Student Assistance Program (SAP), which is administered by the PA Department of Education’s Safe Schools Office in partnership with the PA Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs’ Division of Prevention and Intervention, and the PA Department of Human Services’ Office of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services, is designed to assist school personnel in identifying issues including alcohol, tobacco, other drugs, and mental health issues which pose a barrier to a student’s success.
The Regional SAP Coordinator will provide leadership for developing a safe and drug-free environment and mental health wellness in schools and communities. Barriers to learning will be removed and student academic achievement will be enhanced through collaborative prevention, intervention, and post-intervention services in order that students may achieve, remain in school, and advance.

Regional coordination of SAP programs, training and services are offered through school and agency networking meetings as well as one on one support.The mission of SAP Coordination Teams is to provide the leadership, planning and coordination necessary to implement effective SAP services at the county or county joinder level.  Focus will be placed on the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s Student Assistance design, which is to assist school personnel to identify issues, including alcohol, drugs and others, which pose a barrier to a student’s learning and school success.

Safe Schools -School is a place where students should feel safe and secure. Parents want to know that their children are secure. However, natural disasters, violence and other emergencies could occur at any time. Is your school prepared? Is everyone in your school safe? Does everyone know what to do during an emergency? Recent acts of violence around the nation, especially in public settings, including schools, bring to light the reality that schools need to be proactive in taking safety and security measures to prevent and deter school violence. They also need to be prepared for any other emergency situation that could occur.

The Human Resources Department performs all of the internal personnel functions of the intermediate unit.programs for the school districts and the intermediate unit.

In Human Resources, we are passionate about our people.  We can help school districts gain insight into their own processes while they maximize their current talent pool.  Here are a few of the things that we do:

  • recruitment and staffing
  • new staff orientation
  • management of benefits and compensation plans
  • guest substitute teacher training

If you have questions about our services, or, if you would like to schedule a time to discuss how we can help with your needs, please fill out this form.

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Nondiscrimination Policy

The Tuscarora Intermediate Unit is an equal opportunity education institution and will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, ancestry, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, handicap, or limited English proficiency in its educational programs, services, facilities, activities, or employment practices as required by Title IX of the 1972 Educational Amendments, Title VI and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended, Section 504 Regulations of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1975, Section 204 Regulations of the 1984 Carl D. Perkins Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, or any other applicable federal or state statute.  Any person who believes that s/he has been subjected to discrimination shall report all incidents of such conduct to Ms. Lisa Watson, Title VII/Title IX Compliance Officer, Tuscarora Intermediate Unit, 2527 US Hwy 522 South, McVeytown, PA 17051, 814-542-2501 or Dr.  Brett Gilliland, Director of Human Resources, Tuscarora Intermediate Unit, 2527 US Hwy 522 South, McVeytown, PA 17051, 814-542-2501. 

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