Force for Health Program For Health Education Teachers and Curriculum Focused

The Force for Health Program has been an effective tool for teachers and staff to engage students to advance their own health literacy, and then to work as a team doing a project-based learning, community service activity. Students are mentored in using their computer skills to navigate a user experience for them to Learn it, Live it and Share it, as they create a personal goal and learning and action plan to advance their own health.

As part of the Share it, they can master a topic and become an ambassador and receive a toolkit for helping teach that topic to friends, families or others.

Participants of the workshop will be trained in how to start and manage such a Force for Health Program at their schools in class or after school setting.

Dr. Robert Gillio
Hours/Credits/Cost 6 Act 48 Activity Hours /6 Hours  : $100.00 
The cost of this workshop is $100.00
LocationTIU Ed Tech Lab Directions 
2527 US Hwy 522 South 
McVeytown, PA 1705