Management Services

Management Services encompasses a variety of functions primarily related to assuring the day-to-day business operation of the intermediate unit. In addition to services specific to the TIU, staff also provide services, on a fee basis, to prepare and process payroll, manage accounts and other fiscal functions for other organizations.

Lisa Watson

Director for Management Services

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Business Office

Accounts Payable and Receivable

All invoicing for services provided and all payments are processed through the Business Office, regardless of program area or location.

Program Fiscal Accounting

Monitor all program budgets, funding sources, and cash flow to assure appropriate accountability for funds, providing periodic review and reports as required by each program or project


In addition to processing the semi-monthly TIU payroll, the Business Office also offers this service to other schools or organizations.‚Äč


Several staff members contribute to the process of tracking data related to the personnel of the TIU, managing information related to benefits, leaves and absences, insurance, jobs and positions, retirement, education and credentials, etc.


Full time employment with TIU includes the opportunity to participate in several benefit programs. Benefits available vary based on the particular program area and job assignment. Please visit the Human Resources page for more information.


Asset Inventory

Asset Inventory encompasses maintenance of a current record of all tangible items and their physical location and program of use throughout the TIU organization. Inventory is monitored and verified periodically and any items deemed obsolete and or unrepairable are disposed of through appropriate disposition processes.

Procurement Oversight

Monitor TIU wide purchasing to assure appropriate fund utilization and procurement practices are followed, manage bid processes for tangible items, monitor available pricing consortia to assure best prices are received

Vehicle Management

Coordinate vehicles for TIU business use, including procurement, maintenance, insurance, and scheduling

Grants & Program Management


Oversee all grant funding to maintain compliance with federal, state, and/or local mandates

Disbursement Management

Act as the disbursement agent for special project grant programs, monitor approval system to issue payments as designated, reconscile all payment changes

Contract Management and Oversight

Assure all contracts are properly approved, executed and documented

Grant Pursuit

TIU is committed to identifying appropriate fiscal resources to allow each of our program areas to provide the best possible services. Our Director for Community and Business Development works with our various programs as well as our member districts to pursue appropriate opportunities.

Information Content Management

TIU Website

Maintain and revise the information available on the main TIU website for Management Services, Human Resources and several of the other program areas, making information as readily accessible as we can, including all policy, forms, staff directory, district contact information, benefit details, and more.

Employee Portal

Oversee the Employee Portal application, which allows employees to track and retrieve pay records, request and record absences, if eligible, monitor personnel data to assue we have accurate records, submit timesheets if required, and receive general information and reminders.

Survey Processes

Provide physical survey design based on requested content for various programs that allows the use of either scannable paper response forms or web based responses. Using SurveyTracker and Scantron equipment, we process a variety of surveys, totaling about 125,000 over the past year and expanding.

All Hazards Planning

Management Services currently acts as the coordinating program for the TIU All Hazards Plan. Because of the variety of locations where the TIU provides services, this is a considerable task that relies on the cooperation of numerous programs areas and numerous outside agencies.

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