Non Public School Services Referral Process

This is a collaboration model designed to develop partnerships between teachers, principals, Intermediate Unit Teachers and parents. It is a team approach to a problem solving process that allows educators with different expertise to work together with parents to develop effective intervention strategies to help improve the school performance of children. TIU staff may include a psychologist, remedial teacher, speech therapist and/or program supervisor. Team members share information on classroom management techniques, child growth and development, test interpretation, curriculum adaptation, resources for learning difficulties, affective education and mental health needs and issues. The psychologist may conduct formal psychological testing if the information is needed to assist in meeting the students’ needs within the nonpublic school after other recommendations have been attempted with documented limited success.


Act 89 Services are not:

  1. Special Education Programs
  2. Behavior Management Programs

Service Delivery

Teachers and/or school psychologists are facilitators of the Instructional Support Team. As facilitators, they will work with members of the team (school, staff and parents) using a process of problem identification, goal setting, program implementation, and follow up. The process may include any of the following:

  1. classroom observations
  2. review of student records and teacher assessments
  3. interviews with parents, teacher and/or student
  4. collection of data
  5. strategy development
  6. meetings with teacher(s) for specific interventions strategies
  7. consultation with teams on current educational initiatives

A parent permission must be obtained prior to conducting a meeting. Along with parent permission, the school administrator must request the service with accompanying information from the student’s teacher.


  1. Criteria for Referral

In order to qualify for a referral, a student must exhibit one or more of the following:

  1. Standardized test scores at or below the 40th percentile (national)
  2. Report card grades below average (D or below)
  3. Grade level performance below average: experiencing frustration with grade level material.
  4. Academic performance difficulties (i.e., work habits, attention, study skills, etc.)

All referrals will be reviewed by the TIU Nonpublic School Services staff team which will convene the process. The provision of services is contingent upon and limited by the availability of funds and staff. Submit your request using the procedure outlined below:

  1. A request for services can be initiated by a classroom teacher, administrator, parent or student. The referral for services is processed by the school administrator.
  1. The school is responsible for informing the parent/guardian of the reason for the referral and the IST process.
  1. Referral packets will be reviewed upon completion and submission of the required forms indicated below:
  1. Administrator Form
  2. Teacher Form
  3. Permission for Services (completed by parent or guardian)
  1. Forward all packets to: Tuscarora Intermediate Unit #11 Nonpublic School Services Department:

Dr. Brett A Gilliland 

Director for Educational Support Services,

Human Resources, and Principal of Nonpublic Schools

Tuscarora Intermediate Unit

2527 US Hwy 522 S

McVeytown PA 17051-9717

814-542-2501 x192 or 717-899-7143 x192

Fax 814-542-2025

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