Current TIU Personnel Forms

The Excel versions of these forms (1, 3, 13) will now allow a graphic/image signature to be pasted into the employee signature area.  If you need assistance with this or more detailed instructions please contact Dr. Brett Gilliland.

Number Name  PDF Word or Excel
Vision – Direct Reimbursement Claim Form PDF
TIU-1-OOS Out of State Meeting/Conference Request for 2021: Excel
TIU-1 Meeting/Conference Request for 2021: Excel
TIU-1SP Meeting/Conference Request for Extended Travel for 2021  Excel
TIU-2 Evaluation of TIU 11 Professional Learning Experience PDF
TIU-3 Travel Expense Voucher (Daily Mileage) 2021
(please complete using the Excel version, you may paste a signature image into the file and submit via email to your supervisor)
TIU-6 Request for Bereavement Leave (must be requested by form) Word
TIU-7 Sick Leave Request for Family Illness
Submit as regular sick days via the employee portal, for five or more days also submit TIU-335, use form for days blocked in the portal.
TIU-8 Request for Family & Medical Leave Under FMLA of 1993
Required for any use of sick leave for family or personal illness of five or more days (use TIU-335), also required for any other FMLA request
TIU-9 Vacation Request (request via the portal) – Used this for days blocked in the portal. PDF
TIU-10 Request for Leave of Absence for Professional Development or Sabbatical Leave for Restoration of Health
Use TIU-335
TIU-335 Request for Leave of Absence
Required for any medical leave (paid or unpaid) of five or more days, required for any leave without pay of five or more days
TIU-11 Request for Leave of Absence Without Pay
Required for all leave without pay of up to five days, also required for leave without pay of any length that does not meet the requirements for FMLA
TIU-12 Request to Return to Work From Leave of Absence Without Pay for Medical Reasons Word
TIU-13 Reimbursement for Services/Activity Rev & Eff 01/01/2020 Excel
TIU-14 Resignation Request Form Word
TIU-15 Request for Retirement Increment Word
TIU-16 Pre-Approval Application – Tuition Reimbursement PDF
TIU-18 Supplies/Equipment Requisition Order Excel
Special Education Supplemental Requisition Justification Word
TIU-20 Inventory Transfer Form PDF  
TIU-21 General Time Sheet Excel
TIU-22 Compensatory Time Log Sheet PDF
TIU-23 Comparative Pricing Form for Biddable Items PDF
TIU-24 Request for Billing (updated 7/27/2011) Word
TIU-26 Middle Management Professional Organization Dues  Word
TIU-30 Teacher Induction Program Assessment Select necessary induction forms here
TIU-31 Teacher Induction Program Reimbursement Request
TIU-32 Induction Program Activity Log
TIU-33 Checklist of Activities Completed by the Inductee
TIU-40 Direct Deposit Request for Payroll PDF
TIU-41 Employee Reimbursement Direct Deposit Alternate Account Designation PDF
TIU-45 Employee Request for Change in Insurance Coverage WORD
TIU-45B Employee Information About Other Insurance Coverage WORD
TIU-46 Student Verification for Insurance Purposes WORD
 CY-47  Child Abuse Reporting PDF
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