TIU Regional 24 Challenge® Tournament

Mark your calendars and join 100 plus elementary and middle school math enthusiasts on May 16, 2017 as they compete to become the quickest and most accurate 24 Game® player in our region. This year’s tournament is being held at Juniata College in the Ellis Hall Ballroom and begins at 10:00 am. Final awards are expected to be presented at noon.
If you’re not familiar with the 24 Game, players are presented with four numbers that they must combine through addition, subtraction, multiplication, division or some combination of those operations to get the answer – which is always 24! Students, from 13 schools in eight LEAs in the TIU area, will be competing in three grade groups. The top three finishers in each advance to the state tournament, which takes place in Harrisburg on June 14, 2017 in the Atrium of the Keystone Building.