Friday, February 28th

28 Feb9:00 AM

PIIC Networking Meeting

Monday, March 2nd

2 Mar9:00 AM

Curriculum Department – In-Service Planning Meeting

Tuesday, March 3rd

3 Mar9:30 AM


Wednesday, March 4th

4 Mar9:00 AM

CASSP Advisory

Thursday, March 5th

5 Mar8:30 AM

CRA Math Day:Fractions, Integers and Equations (Audience/3rd – 8th)

Friday, March 6th

6 Mar8:00 AM

Webcast Reconceptualizing Service Delivery

Monday, March 9th

9 Mar8:30 AM

Get More Math: Training for Everyone

Tuesday, March 10th

10 Mar9:30 AM

Program Operators’ Meeting

10 Mar4:30 PM

Sign Language

Wednesday, March 11th

11 Mar7:30 AM

Juniata River Valley Leadership Institute – Chamber of Commerce